What Families Should Look for in an Assisted Living Facility

The decision to move from a private residence into an assisted living facility is rarely easy for an elderly person and their family. Seniors enjoy their independence, even if they need more help than the did in the past. Once a family has determined that a Nursing Home is the best option, the next step is to begin searching for suitable facilities for their loved one. Of course, the senior should have as much involvement in this process as is possible given their physical and mental condition.

There are many things to look for in Nursing Homes. Nearly every facility will look great in the brochures and on the website so it’s important to make personal visits to several of them before choosing one. Family members should ensure they see the room where their loved one would be staying as well as the menu and schedule of daily activities at each of the facilities they visit.

The staff at the chosen facility should focus on Aged Care. Seniors have very specific needs that require a specific set of skills. The medical professionals as well as the support staff should be trained in how to recognize and treat conditions that could prevent seniors from living their lives to the fullest. Some conditions, such as dementia, get worse over time. Staff should be able to tell if a resident is developing symptoms of dementia because they may need additional assistance and supervision. The best facilities have separate housing areas for their residents with dementia.

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When choosing a home, it’s essential to look for one like Amana Living, where the administrators recognize that their residents have lived full lives and deserve to have as much autonomy as they can handle. Residents who can prepare their own meals should be able to do so. If they need only minimal assistance to cook, staff should help them rather than insist they eat in the common dining room.

Family and friends are encouraged to visit in all the best assisted living facilities. They understand the connection their residents have with their families and that their mental as well as physical well being depend on them having a continued relationship with their loved ones. The facility the family chooses should have an open visitation policy and allow residents to leave with their family members whenever they like to attend family functions. The overall goal of a Home Care Services should be for the residents to be happy and safe.


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